5 Bacne Fighting Ideas

No, not acne, bacne. Yep, that means acne on your back. Whether it’s a chronic problem for you, or you’re experiencing your first breakout, we’ve got some ideas that might help you fight the dreaded bacne.

1 – Exfoliate

Have you tried exfoliating your back? It’s worth a try. Regular use of a body exfoliating scrub or an exfoliating brush may help tackle your bacne situation.

2 – Don’t Wear Clothing Twice

Yes, that includes your bra, especially your sports bra after a workout. Keep your laundry churning while fighting a bacne breakout. Trapping dirt and sweat against the skin of your back for too long may be part of the problem.

3 – Shower Immediately After Your Workout

Speaking of your sports bra, your first stop after working on your fitness needs to be the showers. Keeping your back clean and not allowing it to be exposed to dirt for a long period could really help fight your bacne.

4 – Cleansing Pads

Skin cleansing pads, especially those containing salicylic acid, can help keep your back clean and fight acne.

5 – Keep Your Hair Up

This is a tough one, but long hair resting on your back may be exacerbating your bacne. Your hair products could also be culprits. Be especially careful when your hair is wet and be sure to lift your hair up after shampooing and conditioning and thoroughly cleaning those products off your back in the shower. Try draping a towel over your shoulders and back when you apply your hair product