7 Brow Shaping Mistakes to Avoid

How’s your eyebrow game? Feeling like your brows are a little off fleek? We’ve got 7 common eyebrow shaping mistakes you’ll want to avoid to take your brows from meh to magic!

1 – Too Close

Don’t lean in close to your bathroom mirror and don’t use a magnifying makeup mirror, that can lead to over-plucking. Stay a few feet away from the mirror so you aren’t tempted to micro-manage your brow shape and so you can see how your brows actually appear to other people, not just how they look at extreme close-up which can distort your perspective.

2 – Stay Below the Brow

Many professionals recommend that you only pluck the hairs below your brow. Leave those above-the-brow hairs alone! Giving some definition to the lower line of your brows will do plenty to give you a groomed look.

3 – Too Thin

We all want a perfect eyebrow shape, but you have to know when to put those tweezers down! Yes, big statement brows are very “in” right now, but even when thinner brows are all the rage it’s easy to go too far. And it’s important to remember that you can go too thin even if you’re plucking only from below. One way to avoid this is to be sure to only pluck a few hairs during any single brow shaping session. And if you’re worried that you’re going to thin, ask a trusted friend or family member who can be honest with you!

4 – Using the Wrong Tweezers

Flat, slant point tweezers are recommended for brow tweezing. If your hairs are sliding out of the tweezers when you try to tweeze, you may not have the right tool for the job. Look for a well rated brow tweezer and replace when needed.

5 – Too Slow

Don’t slowly pluck your hair! Tweezing slowly can cause unnecessary pain. Get a good tight grip and pull swiftly, and only pluck one hair at a time.

6 – Too Wide

This one can be difficult to correct, so don’t let yourself start down the wrong path! Imagine drawing a line along the edge of your nose straight up to your forehead; your inner eyebrow should begin at that line. One easy way to find this point is to rest a ruler along the side of your nose and mark the correct line with your brow pencil.

7 – Forgot to Outline

Always shade in your brows before you begin to tweeze. Create the shape you’d like with your brow pencil, brow gel, or powder and then pluck only the stray hairs way outside the boundaries you created.