8 Lip Treatments Under $12

Whether you’re dealing with dry, cracked lips, or simply want to keep your lips looking youthful and fresh, we’ve got some great low-cost treatments you may like.

1 – Lip Oil $7

If hydration is an issue, a lip oil may be just the treatment for you to try. There are many products available, formulated around a variety of oils like argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. This is an affordable lip treatment option.

2 – Overnight Lip Balm $6

These overnight hydrating treatments are an interesting option if you’re looking for a deep moisturizing lip treatment. And with lots of options starting around $6, they’re a great budget treatment to try.

3 – Plumping Lip Balm $11

If volume is your lip issue, a plumper may be a lip treatment you’ll find worthwhile. Results certainly vary, but there are some well-rated options starting in the $11-$16 range. If nothing else, they’re a much cheaper alternative to try before lip filler injections!

4 – Lip Moisturizer $3

You moisturize your face, so why shouldn’t you moisturize your lips? Lip moisturizers are a very low cost option if you’re looking to revive dry or cracking lips. Many of your favorite drug store lip gloss brands have upgraded moisturizer formulations that start around $3. Give one a try if you’re looking for a super low-cost lip treatment.

5 – Lip Butter $6

We all love body butter for it’s thick moisturizing powers, so why wouldn’t we want to try the same thing on our lips? Lip butter is a good lip gloss upgrade and with price points starting around $6 it’s definitely a lip treatment worth checking out.

6 – Tinted Lip Moisturizer $8

Why sacrifice the hydrating qualities of moisturizer because you want to wear lip color? You can have both with the many tinted lip moisturizers on the market. There are tinted oils and balms out there as well. They start around the $8 price mark, so they’re an affordable option.

7 – Lip Scrub $10

We exfoliate our faces, so why not try an exfoliating treatment on your lips as well? Sugar scrubs are a low-cost, popular type of lip scrub. If you think your lips would benefit from some exfoliation, a lip scrub treatment may be worth a try!

8 – Lip Mask $9

A lip mask may be just the treatment to improve the look of your lips. Some lip masks even come pre-shaped to fit your lips like a facial sheet mask. There are many options under $10 so just look for the treatment that best targets your lip issues.